Savel App


Find and share your work photos

and notes easily while on-the-go


Help On-the-Go


If you have thousands of work photos mixed in with your personal ones

If images get lost in your camera roll, or take forever to find

If you need a private way to share your project images


Download Savel App and spend less time scrolling and more time getting the job done



Tag your photos by project, room, type, vendor, and color

Add notes to photos 

Find images quickly during meetings or on-the-go

Privately email projects or images

Keep professional photos separate from personal ones

Sync with Dropbox 


 Perfect For 

Contractor Punch Lists


Installation Shots

Site Photos


Trade Shows



My iPhone photo stream was a chaotic blizzard of inspiration images running years deep. To be able to shop ideas and reference photos from inside my phone and ascribe to projects and rooms in an organized way is astonishing. I feel euphoric—like an amnesiac who has just recovered her memory!
— Celerie Kemble, Kemble Interiors
Useful app. Thanks for this little gem. Very useful in my day to day work.
— Anonymous
Use it all the time
Great app with features specific to the needs of professionals in the interior design industry, but useful for cataloging and organizing all your photos.
— Anonymous
Simple and very useful
I instantly liked this app, it makes my life easier when I’m on the go and can get everything visual organized in one easy step. Perfect!
— Anonymous

How it works

the Savel App Story


I have worked closely with interior designers since 1994 through Savel Inc., my textile company, and am in awe of their ability to orchestrate the countless details that go into creating a beautiful space.

However, there’s one part of the design process that has always struck me as needlessly cumbersome - photo management. I’ve watched so many designers scroll frantically through their iPhone photos, looking back for that one shot - the one piece they saw, in that one showroom, on that one day, that they thought would be perfect for that one project - that immediately got buried somewhere in their thousands of other images. I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better way...

Now, there is The Savel App!

The Savel App makes designers’ lives easier by providing a simple way to take, tag, search for, and find their photos while they are on-the-go. The Savel App keeps the photos from each stage of a project easy to find and share - from inspiration to installation. 

A big thank you to the many designers to who helped me brainstorm, develop, tweak, and perfect Savel App - and ultimately bring it to life.

Happy Tagging! 

-Andrea Elish