the Savel App Story


I have worked closely with interior designers since 1994 through Savel Inc., my textile company, and am in awe of their ability to orchestrate the countless details that go into creating a beautiful space.

However, there’s one part of the design process that has always struck me as needlessly cumbersome - photo management. I’ve watched so many designers scroll frantically through their iPhone photos, looking back for that one shot - the one piece they saw, in that one showroom, on that one day, that they thought would be perfect for that one project - that immediately got buried somewhere in their thousands of other images. I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better way...

Now, there is The Savel App!

The Savel App makes designers’ lives easier by providing a simple way to take, tag, search for, and find their photos while they are on-the-go. The Savel App keeps the photos from each stage of a project easy to find and share - from inspiration to installation. 

A big thank you to the many designers to who helped me brainstorm, develop, tweak, and perfect Savel App - and ultimately bring it to life.

Happy Tagging! 

-Andrea Elish